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Mural by local artist helps raise awareness about mental health, depression

October 23, 2017 | By Alexa Mae Asperin

A mural in Colorado Springs is helping raise awareness about mental health and depression.

It’s part of Kaiser Permanente’s “Find Your Words” campaign.

The company says even though mental health issues are common, they’re difficult to talk about.

Local artist Mike Fudge shares what he hopes people will get out of the mural.

“I would like to think that it would, you know, brighten a day or give someone the words that they should maybe help a family member or friend out with. If it could do that, then I feel like I got what I needed across,” Fudge said.

The mural is on the Cottonwood Center for the Arts building on Colorado Avenue, between Wahsatch Avenue and South Corona Street.

The “Find Your Words” campaign drives viewers to, a website that provides basic information about depression, offers resources and invites the public to engage in a conversation about mental health and wellness through an interactive component. Kaiser Permanente partnered with several national organizations including the National Alliance on Mental Illness, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Crisis Text Line and Mental Health America on the “Find Your Words” campaign.

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