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Rich and Mary Stolp

Why We Support NAMI Colorado Springs

rich-and-mary-stolpWhat is it about NAMI-CS that makes you continue to donate so generously?
“We contribute because we know that mental illness continues to affect lives- It’s a way for us to show thanks that our son is coping steadily and honor the role NAMI-CS has played in our family’s progress. It’s also a way to give back to the community where our son lives.”

How would you describe NAMI to the uninitiated?
“We tell people that NAMI is a caring and compassionate organization. While we are speaking today as donors to NAMI, we were also students and participants in NAMI’s programs. NAMI educated us. They helped us learn to communicate better with our son by teaching us how mental illness works.”

What do you think are the top 3 attributes of NAMI?
“1. You respond when the need is now! Coping with the effects of mental illness is emotional work and when you are suffering, it’s crucial to have people to talk to who are knowledgeable and empathetic in the moment.
2. You’re passionate about your endeavors. The people at NAMI have passion for what they do. Nobody is blasé. You can tell they are instilled with the same desire as the people they serve.
3. You have great volunteers. They are well trained, both in the local office and in the classrooms.”

You’ve been with us since 2012. Have you seen any changes in the organization?
“The thing that we’ve noticed is the success with the outreach programs. The community is gaining a better understanding of mental illness because of your influence. Additionally, you have elevated your expectations and goals.  You’re raising more funds. You’re doing more and challenging systems that we need to be successful. You guys bring an intensity that is not always present-even among other NAMI chapters where we have participated.”

Why should someone donate to NAMI during GIVE! (now through December 31)?
“It’s a great cause that connects the community to disorders that many people fear from a lack of understanding. Because of NAMI-CS, we were able to get through our personal experience with our son’s mental illness with some semblance of order and we continue with our lifetime learning. NAMI gave us the knowledge and tools that were critical for helping us understand our son and his condition.

Please join Rich and Mary, donate to NAMI today!

(November 2016)

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