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Array Parity

ArrayParity: Restyling mental illness through the self-emblematic, an apparel campaign for equal treatment.

Purpose: To bring voice to those who struggle with mental illness through collaboratively designed imagery, logos, and aphorisms for print on apparel to disrupt negative perceptions of mental illness.

NAMI Colorado Springs, in association with Sox Place Youth Shelter and Aspen Pointe Behavioral Health, are starting an initiative to re­style perceptions of mental illness at writ. We are proud recipients of the Arts In Society grant and are excited to implement this exciting art project over the next year.

Our first ArrayParity design by Gonzo was printed by Sox Place last spring.

We are teaming up those suffering from mental illness in a collaborative effort to develop imagery, logos, and aphorisms for mass screen printing. “Array” refers to the apparel, totes, and stickers that bear our designs, and “Parity” to our efforts for equal rights and healthcare for the mentally ill. We aim to root mental health parity in an effort to overcome the stigma surrounding mental illness using the creative talents of the mental health community to reach the general public. Our attitude is poised by self­ representation.

We intend to:
1) Communicate solidarity before discrimination.
2) Disseminate the voices of those who live with mental illness.
3) Challenge stigma with the compass of image and epigraph.

Looking fabulous at the 2018 NAMI Colorado Walk. We incentivized donations with these great sweatshirts.

Look out for our next design, featuring the artists from the Creative Expressions Program. Donate $100 below and be the first to receive an original hooded sweatshirt. See details and keep abreast of our progress on the ArrayParity blog.

The ArrayParity team:

Max Maddox, project lead and developer. Max Maddox is a Denver artist and arts facilitator working in Denver. He is co-author of Walks on the Margins, A story of Bipolar Illness. Find out more about Max and see his art at, or follow him on instagram.

Kim Nguyen, AspenPointe Behavioral Health, curator; development consultant. Kim is a one of a kind art therapist working with AspenPointe Behavioral Health and Colorado College to run 3 art therapy groups in Colorado Springs for peers living with mental illness and veterans. Find out more about Kim here.

Michael McComb, digital designer. Michael is a young graphic designer and recent graduate of MSU in Graphic Design. He survived the Aurora shooting in 2012, and he brings a unique perspective to our project.

Gonzo, design leader. Gonzo prefers to live without labels. He survived twenty years of homelessness, and uses art as his principle therapy. Find out more about Gonzo and the Reach program.

Trent McMillan, Sox Place master screen printer. Find out more about Sox Place, a unique screen printing facility and youth homeless shelter in Denver.

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Watch this short video introduction to our project, produced by Redline Art Center.

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